Responsible Bidding
Letters of Endorsement
The following elected officials and agencies have provided LECET with formal written endorsements of Responsible Bidding and Responsible Bidder Ordinances for all public bodies. Click each one to view a copy of their endorsement letter.

Illinois State Senators
  Illinois State Representatives
Jacqueline Y. Collins
State Senator, 16th District
  Dan Beiser
State Representative, 111th District
Deanna Demuzio*
State Senate, 49th District
  Maria A. "Toni" Berrios
State Representative, 39th District
Debbie Halvorson
Senate Majority Leader
  Mike Boland
State Representative, 71st District
Denny Jacobs
State Senator, 36th District
  John E. Bradley
State Representative, 117th District
David Kohler
State Senator, 46th District
  James Brosnahan*
State Representative, 36th District
Kimberly A. Lightford
State Senator, 4th District
  Linda Chapa LaVia
State Representative, 83rd District
Terry Link
State Senator, 30th District
  John D'Amico
State Representative, 15th District
Edward Maloney
State Senator, 18th District
  William Davis
State Representative, 30th District
Arthur "AJ" Wilhelmi
State Senator, 43rd District
  Lisa M. Dugan
State Representative, 79th District
Louis V. Viverito*
Assistant Majority Leader
  Robert Flider
State Representative, 101st District
US Congress
  Jack D. Franks
State Representative, 63rd District
Melissa L. Bean*
Member of Congress, 8th District Illinois
  John Fritchey
State Representative, 11th District
Richard J. Durbin
United States Senator
  Paul Froehlich*
State Representative, 56th District
Lane Evans*
Member of Congress, 17th District Illinois
  Careen Gordon
State Representative, 75th District
Daniel Lipinski
Member of Congress, 3rd District Illinois
  Jay C. Hoffman*
State Representative, 112th District
Barack Obama*
United States Senator
  Thomas Holbrook
State Representative, 113th District
Trade Associations
  Kevin Joyce*
State Representative, 35th District
Construction Industry Service Corporation   Louis I. Lang
State Representative, 16th District
Illinois Small Pavers Association   Michael McAulliffe
State Representative, 20th District
Three Rivers Construction Alliance   Kevin McCarthy
State Representative, 37th District
Lake County Contractors' Association   Jack McGuire
State Representative, 86th District
Contractors' Association of Will and Grundy Counties   Bill Mitchell
State Representative, 87th District
Underground Contractors Association of Illinois   Don Moffitt
State Representative, 74th District
National Electrical Contractors Association
Eastern Illinois Chapter
  JoAnn D. Osmond
State Representative, 61st District
Finishing Contractors Association of Illinois   Brandon W. Phelps
State Representative, 118th District
Other Officials
  Robert Pritchard
State Representative, 70th District
Daniel W. Hynes*
Illinois State Comptroller
  Robert A. Rita
State Representative, 28th District
Lawrence Walsh
Will County Executive
  Angelo "Skip" Saviano
State Representative, 77th District
Jerry Hicks
Chairman of the Board, LaSalle County
  Patrick J. Verschoore
State Representative, 72nd District
Robert Eschbach
Mayor, City of Ottawa
* Indicates that this official no longer holds this office.    

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